Master Numbers

master numbers

The Mystery of The Master Numbers

Three numbers in Numerology that warrant special attention are 11, 22 and 33. They are each known as a master number, but some people wonder what makes them extra special.

These master numbers can give a hint of difficulty when they show up in your chart because they have extremely powerful meanings. However, these numbers can be a curse in some instances, as well as a blessing, and they often are not completely understood. They call on your maturity and patience by giving you insight into the obstacles in your way. This is not done without a great deal of effort on your part, though, as you work at integrating these features into your personality. If you can do this, you may find them the most productive and powerful numbers of all.

For information on when a number 11, 22 or 33 should be regarded as a master number, or when any of them should be changed to single digits such as 2, 4 or 6, you can read the full account of reducing master numbers.

Master Number 11

numerology master number 11The number that is most intuitive and represents instinct, 11 connects you to knowledge that is not necessarily rational, your gut feeling and your subconscious. Since 11 has the same qualities of 2 - (1+1=2) the 2 balances out 11's negative points---shyness, stressed energy, anxiety---with 2's inspiration and charisma. The dichotomy number is 11, meaning it has a dynamic catalyst, but is also extremely conflicted.

The difficulty of 11 is that it must have a very concrete, specific goal as its focus. You will probably experience fear and anxiety if you have an 11 in your chart that is not attached to a certain project. 11 has extreme power and has great capabilities, but it can greatly sabotage itself when it is not used in the correct way.

Use the master number 11 to create spiritual evolution and personal power if you find it in your Numerology chart. Allow your guiding voice from within to lead you toward stability and growth, instead of denying your instincts. This number is associated with prophets, clairvoyants and psychics, since it is a number of faith.

Master number 22

numerology master number 22Master number 22 is known as the "master builder," having greater power than the other numbers. It is a doer, a sensible and practical number, with the capability of bringing wild dreams into reality. It has number 11's intuition paired with the scientific approach of 4, since 2+2=4, making 22 a disciplined as well as an ambitious number. People with 22 in their charts have great success potential.

Lofty goals and dreams are made practical and brought to earth where they can be touched and felt. It is a great thinker and gives confidence with its extravagant thinking. One symbol of this is the person you know with a brilliant mind, but who does not live up to his or her potential. The difficulty of both 22 and 11 is that they have the capacity for greatness, but they either put too much pressure on themselves or back away from excellent opportunities.

You should realize you have great opportunities with no limit if you have 22 in your Numerology chart. You can have a chance at effectively contributing to the world in a practical manner if you just turn down the pressure.

Master number 33

numerology master number 33The mover and shaker known as "Master Teacher," is the master number 33. An entirely new plane is reached in this number because of the combination of the dreams and intuition inherent in master numbers 11 and 22. Using the full potential of 33 will provide a humanitarian focus, without the involvement of a personal agenda. Anyone with a strong presence of 33 in his or her chart is able to engross themselves in projects that go far beyond practical matters.

Anyone with 33 in his or her Numerology chart is generally very knowledgeable, but does not preach ideals or ideas without first researching and checking to be sure of the facts.

Although it is rare, the master number 33 is amazing when it is in its full efficiency. However, 33 is significant only if it is a core number in your chart---as Maturity, Personality, Personal Expression, Heart's Desire or Life Path. Other than that situation, experts in Numerology see the number 33 simply as 6, or 33/6, which weakens its power and downgrades it to less than a master number.

You should pay as much attention to master numbers as the Numerology experts. Consider that 11, 22 and 33 are part of an enlightenment triangle when recognized and used properly.

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