Name Numerology

name numerology

How Your Name Influences Your Life

Poetry, prose and religious ceremonies have long immortalized the value and power of names. Everyone is known by himself, herself and others by a name.

Many people wonder what the meaning of their name is and how do names influence an individual's character?

Consider the components of a name. By the way several letters of the alphabet are grouped together, they identify and represent an object or a person.

Human beings are separated from the animal kingdom by the ability to consciously reason. One must have language to think on a conscious level, or in other words, a human mind. Thinking on a human level is impossible without language. For language to serve in this way, they have alphabets, with each letter having it's own place in the sequence.

For example, "A" is always the first letter of the alphabet in the English language, "B" is in second place, and so on. Within any alphabet, the symbols are recognizable by their sound or their form in a certain order. If the order were changed, the result would be confusion.

Alphabetical symbols and sounds, however, are not the whole of language, but consider what it is that language expresses. Language shows the mental power of intelligence. We learn through the use of language in education, developing our intelligence. This is considered mental growth and it can progress quickly or more slowly, depending on the individual mind.

The key to solving a major problem such as mental imbalance or mental discord is by measuring the human mind using language. This is the link between language, the mind and the order in which the letters of the alphabet are arranged.

Principle of Making an Analysis

Now ask yourself if you did not have a name, how would you be identified?

Who would you be without a name?

Your name is actually your life. It is extremely important as it is how other people identify you. It is also how you identify yourself. You have a greater opportunity to achieve success when you have insight into the powerful influence your name wields over your life. On this website you can learn more about names and their various meanings.

Hidden Power of Names

Conscious intelligence is the origin of thoughts and reason manifested through language by symbols and an alphabet. The mind did not originate in the brain, but the mind uses the brain as a physical instrument. When a name is given to an individual, it creates a combination of conscious intelligence and specific forces, constituting the nucleus of the mind.

A numerical formula can represent the conscious forces brought together by the individual's name in the same manner as when chemical elements are combined to make a chemical compound represented by a formula. The numerical formula that represents the individual's name can reveal the mental characteristics of the person. This is the same as reading a chemical formula that reveals a chemical compound's characteristics.

Meanings of Names Through Mathematics

Calendars, alphabets and languages were created by the mind and exist in the mind. The consistency of their structure and form determine their logic. The sounds of a language are arranged in a certain order, and the set of symbols representing the sounds are the alphabet. A calendar consistently orders time into segments of days, months and years. Conscious intelligence has nine basic forces that manifest in sequence and work through time and language.

The knowledge of the Mathematical Principle is contained within the Kabalarian Philosophy. All of this works with a person's date of birth and name to determine the thought patterns, the mind and what will be the experiences of the person. The name is a powerful equation within this formula which helps to determine the lifestyle and success of the individual.

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